In 2004, Harold J. De Leon began De Leon & Associates Oil & Gas Consulting, a full-service contract company offering clients the most knowledgeable and qualified project consultants. Having worked on drilling, production, safety, and environmental projects throughout the Gulf, including Texas, New Mexico, Mississippi, and Arkansas, Harold extends his expertise to the client by overseeing each project and managing qualified personnel.
In 2005, we added an in-house draftsman to our staff in order to better streamline the various planning and management phases of our projects. This service has proven invaluable as it gives our clients the opportunity to minimize downtime and enhances the overall success of any project.
In 2007, we expanded our services to include production field staffing, in addition to logistical and administrative support for land & offshore facilities. Our production personnel are carefully screened and selected. At De Leon & Associates, we only employ the most reliable, skilled and hard-working professionals available.

To support clients in complying with industry standards and government regulations, our in-house HS&E department provides assistance with various tasks such as training, document management, and internal SEMS auditing.

At De Leon & Associates, LLC we believe that at the core of our services are relationships built upon experience and trust. We know that we are able to attribute our success to the relationships with clients, peers, and the industry.



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