Completion Projects:

South Timbalier Block 245: P&A 6-well- TVIS 16,000

South Timbalier Block 300: Decommission/ abandon 12 P/L x 41.561

South Timbalier Block 245: Acid job, CTU, WLUs, Surveys

Compliance Projects:


P& IDs

BSEE Reporting

SEMSPRO regulatory reporting

Construction Projects:

South Timbalier Block 245: P/L 12 x 51,361 Decommission

South Timbalier Block 245: 4 pile platform- Decommission and Removal

High Island Block 511: Site Clearance

East Cameron Block 94: Caisson & 6 P/L x Installation

High Island Block 325: Platform & Compressor Install

Drilling Projects:

Manage & supervise drilling location installations

Manage & supervise pit closure, land farming solids

Manage & Supervise location restoration

HS&E: Administrative auditing assistance

Internal SEMS Auditing

Employee Training Tracking & Scheduling

Third-party Information Management reporting

Production Projects:

High Island Block 154: Manage production

West Cameron Block 544: Manage & supervise production vessel repairs

Manage & supervise production vessel cleaning

Regulatory Projects:



NORM Handling & Disposal

Dock Staging



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