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Production Services

High Island Area: Production operations
and maintenance

Hook-ups / Troubleshooting / Supervision / Operations

Since 2006, we’ve provided offshore production operators and land guagers with various degrees of expertise for clients such as Fairways Offshore, Arena, and Wapiti. Below are the various services we offer clients throughout Texas, Louisiana and GOM.
  • Production Optimization & Management Reporting
  • Coordination with Liquid Transporters & Pipelines Troubleshooting
  • Overall Cost Management
  • Production Supervision & Implementation
  • Bidding, Evaluation & Procurement of Goods & Services
  • Invoice Review & Approval by Technical Staff Trend Analysis
  • Environmental Site Assessments & Due Diligence Acquisition (technical data and field inspections)
  • Safety & Environmental Training, Compliance, & Awareness
  • Production Equipment Sizing & Installation
  • Pipeline/Flowline Installation
  • Supervision
  • Pumping/Switching/Operating Personnel


Production operations and maintenance



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